Rabies Quarantine program by Coconino County (info)

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Our area is partially impacted by this program.  See map HERE .

Below is only part of the information.   Read the FULL ANNOUNCEMENT .

In an effort to maintain the rabies immunity levels in gray foxes established by recent Rabies Vaccination efforts, the Coconino County Board of Supervisors has declared a Rabies Quarantine to allow for the implementation of the program again this year.  Similar oral rabies vaccine (ORV) distribution efforts took place in 2009 and 2010.

The Board’s action was a result of a request by the Coconino County Public Health Services District (CCPHSD), who will collaborate with the United States Department of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, Wildlife Services (USDA-APHIS-WS) and receive support from other state and federal agencies to implement a program to immunize gray foxes using Raboral V-RG (Merial, Ltd.).  This is an oral rabies vaccine that is placed in a plastic sachet coated with fish oil and fishmeal crumble that is known to attract gray foxes.  Gray foxes that eat the vaccine-laden sachets become immune to rabies.

 The Rabies Quarantine period, August 1 through August 12, will allow for the placement of the oral rabies vaccination (ORV) packets in the greater Flagstaff area and will help to ensure that the bait packets are ingested by the intended wildlife, and not domestic pets.

 Approximately 129,600 coated ORV packets targeting gray foxes will be dispersed during the Quarantine period. 97% of these ORV baits will be distributed by a fixed-winged aircraft covering a 1,433 square mile  area (excluding wilderness areas). The remaining packets will be distributed in populated areas by staff and volunteers.

Please follow these guidelines if you find an ORV packet:

  • Do not attempt removal of the ORV sachet from your dog’s mouth, as you could be bitten. Eating these sachets will not harm your pet.
  • Confine your pet and look for other sachets in the area.  Remove any sachets from areas where your pet could eat them (i.e., fenced yards.)
  • Instruct children to leave sachets alone.
  • Wear gloves or use a towel when you pick up the sachet.  Although there is no harm in touching an undamaged sachet, they have a strong fishmeal smell.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water if there is any chance that the vaccine sachet you touch has been ruptured.
  • There is a warning label placed on each sachet advising people not to touch the sachet.  The warning also contains the rabies information line telephone number, 928.679.7350.

Remainder of announcement is located at the above link. BE SURE TO READ FULL ANNOUNCEMENT!

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