Recent Wildland Fire in our area serves as reminder…..

On June 21, 2014, our department responded to a report of smoke in the Howard Mesa area. Available apparatus included 12 engines, 3 tenders, 1 dozer, 1 helicopter, and 50+ firefighters. After five hours the fire was contained with no reported injuries. Our department returned a couple more times to ensure the area remained safe and free of pop-up or additional fire.

A full media release by our department concerning this fire, including photos, has been published with FLAGscanner.

We ask that all of our rural residents be vigilant to any possible smoke and report such a siting immediately to 911.  During this dry period, along with potentially gusty winds, the chance of fire from even one small spark is extremely elevated.  In our open rural area, a wildland fire can spread quickly and endanger private property and citizens alike.

Remember that a fire can start from many types of “normal” outdoor activities which can include use of chainsaws, charcoal grills, starting and unattended fires, and much more.  Current county restrictions include residents a ban any type of item or equipment which may produce even the smallest spark.  (Refer to current county restrictions.)

Help us keep our area safe and fire free.  Everyone working together can ensure the preservation of our area.


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