Reminder to slow down and stay alive…

Our area state highway ( Rt. 64) serves as the main route from Williams to the south entrance of The Grand Canyon.  Of course, this means heavy traffic entering and exiting the park, especially during the busy summer season.  Vehicles traveling this route include not only personal passenger autos, but also commercial tour buses.

During a recent vehicular accident on Rt. 64, we are reminded of the importance of slowing down and being cautious.  Five of our volunteers responded to the scene of a the accident.  A total of five (5) vehicles were involved when an SUV attempted passing a bus which resulted in a head-on collision.  There were sixteen (16) patients which required transfer to the Flagstaff Medical Center by three (3) medical helicopters and seven (7) ambulances.

Several citizens assisted our responders; however, due to the circumstances at the scene, we were unable to obtain their names or to even thank them.  We wish to publicly thank those helpers for stopping to provide additional help to our responders.

Remember, slow down and live!  The Grand Canyon will be there awaiting your visit.  And, upon leaving the park, we wish you safe travel through our busy area to your next destination.

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