Are you prepared for an El Nino winter?

Early area predictions due to El Nino include an average snow fall for the upcoming winter.  A normal winter  includes between 90 to 134 inches of precipitation (snow, rain, or a mixture of both).  Learn more about El Nino here:  Flagstaff NOAA El Nino Information

The current forecast trend for our area includes slightly above average temperatures for this winter.  Additionally, the percentage will be 83% near to or above average precipitation.

With such an El Nino winter prediction, we could experience not only snow, but also rain which could result in area flooding.  Temperature fluctuations with shifting precipitation could also include ice dams on creeks and roof tops causing a back fill of melting water causing roofs to collapse and creek or river flooding.

Now is the time to prepare for any potential winter scenario in our area.  Use the below attached document to help you make plans now for your location, special needs, and weather emergency situations.

Remember these important areas of consideration:  pets, pipes, roofs, heating system fuel such as plenty of chopped wood and/or propane, alternative electrical devices (flashlights, generator and fuel), electrical shut-off location (if needed), medicines/medical issues, food supply and water, vehicle fuel, livestock/animals, potential flooding areas, safe exit road, vulnerable neighbor/s, and other emergency topics relevant to your particular location and situation.

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