Donations to Our Department

High Country Fire~Rescue would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank and recognize the following organizations for their generous grants to our department:

** NAEMS (Northern Arizona Emergency Medical Services)
With the funds awarded to HCFR we were able to purchase an Automated External Defibrillator, along with other supplies and items necessary for our department to utilize during emergency calls.

** 100 Club of Arizona
The 100 Club awarded HCFR funds for our department to purchase “Turnouts” (firefighting protective clothing) which are the very familiar yellow or brown suits worn over each firefighter’s street clothes. This protective clothing allows firefighters to enter oftentimes deadly environments such as extreme heat and flashover. Our firefighters and emergency response volunteers are grateful to the 100 Club’s donation towards this very important and lifesaving gear.

We ask that you please visit their respective websites to learn more about each of these worthy organizations and their efforts to help all departments and their families, as well as how you can personally make a difference through donations of money or time to each of them.

Additionally, if you do make the decision to donate to one or both of these organizations, we ask that you mention High Country Fire-Rescue and that your learned about them via their donation to us, as well as our links to them on our website.

*     *     *     *     *

KPHO (Channel 5) and Bashas’
KPHO and Bashas’ in the Phoenix Metro area coordinated the delivery of the Red Badge E-Pack program forms to the Bashas’ Flagstaff store. This invaluable generosity saved our Department representative time, fuel, and delivery charges.

Both KPHO’s and Bashas’ attention to detail and timely delivery is gratefully acknowledged by not only our Department staff, but also all those residing in our general Williams rural area along Highway 64 benefiting from this very important emergency program.

How you can personally contribute and help HCFR?

High Country Fire-Rescue is in need of the following items.  If you decide to donate to the Department, please follow the instructions with each item.

** Cash donations are always accepted.  Because our Department is non-profit, your donation is tax deductible.   Cash donations are used to provide community safety services, training for our volunteers and open classes for our resident subscribers, help defray expenses incurred in the maintenance of our equipment, purchase needed rescue and fire equipment, and much, much more.

** Use our paypal donation button (click on “Home” tab) in the upper left of our front page.  This is a secure and encrypted means of making a donation via credit card.

Your generosity is greatly appreciated.  Please be sure to include your email and mailing address so we can send confirmation of your contribution.

** Your time:  Volunteering your time for fund raising, helping with a neighborhood clean-up, and other Department-related activities are always greatly appreciated.   Our Department values all donated time and we thank you for considering helping us with such a valuable asset.

** Hand tools:  We always have a need for shovels, hoses, rakes.

** Animal Extraction:  We have a need for pet crates of various sizes, leashes, collars; horse trailer/s (either donated or loaned), emergency rescue horse equipment such as blankets, rope.