In Memoriam

In Memoriam of ARK 3

December 19, 2010:
This morning our department lost one of our own to cancer. Ark 3 will be greatly missed by all of our volunteers. His gentle hands, huge heart, and sense of humor are among his most memorable attributes. Please remember him, his wife and family, and all firefighters in your thoughts and prayers.

“Ark 3 is now 10-7. Be at peace Ark 3.”

*   *   *   *   *


October 29, 2010:
Most of our volunteers are pet/animal owners/lovers so the loss of such a dear companion is very hard.  On this day, our EMS Captain and his wife said farewell to their beloved Tess.  She was a constant attendee during our meetings at “her” house, the most quiet of all, and welcomed any pat on the head or someone sneaking her a small treat.  Tess you are missed and we hope you’re at a painless peace.

“Tess is now 10-7.  Rest easy Tess.”