Staff Requirements

To Become a Volunteer Staff Member in Our Department

* be at least eighteen years of age
* possess a valid State of Arizona driver’s license
* the ability and willingness to volunteer a minimum hours of your time to the Department every month.

Attendance Requirements:

As a fire department our greatest asset is the individual member that contributes a unique skill set to serve the community. Developing, maintaining and using that set of skills is the highest priority.

As volunteers, our greatest asset is time. Members give their time freely and at the expense of their own lives. The goal of HCFR is to retain and groom members that benefit the community. The HCFR Officers will work with any member to accommodate their unique requirements to meet these minimum criteria.

Specific Requirements:

20 % of all calls. If member is not able to attend 20 % of calls in the last quarter. Make up time is allowed and will be assigned 2 hours for each missed call. This will usually consist of maintenance and cleaning duties around the station or other special functions such as fund raisers.

50% of all training. (100 % of probationary training and 50 % of regularly scheduled training) make up time will be assigned by the training officer on a monthly basis.

If a member is unable to meet this requirement, a Leave of Absence can be granted for up to 1 year, providing the member was in good standing prior to the request.

Online “Meeting Room” for all Volunteer Staff members.

To remain up-to-date, be sure to visit the private, Staff-only forum. A number of pertinent documents and other relevant information are posted there just for you.