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Prepare for more winter weather…

Credit for information and image:  NWS Flagstaff Facebook page and website.

“Winter weather and poor driving conditions to return to Nrn AZ this Sun-Mon. Use the next few days to prepare.”

NWS Flagstaff 1-27-2016

Weather update…

Image and information from NSW Flagstaff Facebook post:

“Good news today if you like snow! A rather quick moving cold front will bring rain and mountain snow to northern AZ, along with cool temperatures and gusty winds. Expect a few hours of moderate snow above 5500 feet. Here’s our snowfall forecast and expected timing.”

NWS Flagstaff 1-15-2016

Ongoing updates can be found on their website as well.

Storm photos….

Below are a few photos of our current winter snow storm (taken early this morning).
Photo Credits:  Chief R. Trotter

Rural Residential area

Rural side roads may be hazardous due to ice and snow.  Use caution on these side roads as they may not be plowed, especially those privately maintained.


Above two are Hwy 64 near and traveling south from the 76 Station.  Although plowed, there may be ice present along with possible new snow as this storm system moves through the area.

Also be aware of the possible changing conditions on I-40 and within the city limits of Williams.

Slow down.  Use great care on the roadways.  Delay travel plans, if possible, until this storm is completely clear of our area.

Poor road conditions in area…

Due to the ongoing winter storm in our area, road conditions can include ice, snow, wind, and limited visibility to include white out situations.  We urge you to avoid travel if at all possible, and if you must be out on the roadways, use extreme caution and allow plenty of extra time.  Have your emergency winter items in your vehicle, including a shovel in the event you become stuck in the snow, protective winter clothing and boots, etc.

Although the highways may be open, travel on them could be limited under the current conditions.  Some reports include slow and near-stopped traffic of some areas of I-40 and I-17.  Be prepared for quickly changing conditions and SLOW DOWN, especially on our mountain roadways.

For current road conditions refer to website or call their information phone at 1-888-411-7623.

Storm timing…..

Image credit: and

NWS Flagstaff 1-6-2016b