Before You Burn — Area Specific BURN NOTICES

Devastating wildfires can quickly occur and spread when trash fires grow out of control.

We ask that you call our department BEFORE you burn ( 928-635-9988 ). We will then advise you if it’s a “burn day” or the alternative of being too unsafe to burn based on the current conditions. Oftentimes, your neighbors will notice the smoke when you’re burning and will then call in concerned that a wild fire is burning in their area.

Additionally, our department follows the restrictions, alerts, and other pertinent information published by Kaibab NF, Coconino County, State Land, and other agencies with jurisdiction in our response area.

Burn Info:  928-635-9988, HCFR’s business number
HCFR will then advise you of weather conditions and if it’s safe to burn


*  In an EMERGENCY always call 911
Do NOT call our business number if it’s an emergency!  Life-saving services could be significantly delayed
Again, call 911 in case of fire or medical emergencies!!

*  Keep burn piles small and easy to manage.

*  Please watch your fire closely.  Never, ever leave a fire unattended!!!  YOU are financially responsible for out-of-control fires!

*  Always, always have plenty of water immediately available.  Use a burn pit or barrel with a screen to reduce embers from becoming airborne.

*  Last match strike should be no later than 3:00 p.m. except for warming or cooking fires, to allow plenty of time for the fire to consume your small pile before it becomes late at night.

*  Please be considerate of your neighbors.  Late burns won’t dissipate smoke properly due to cooling air.

*  Dead limbs, leaves and grass only.  Burning trash is against state law.

*  Do NOT ever, ever, ever leave any fire unattended for ANY reason!!!!

*  Know the law!  Be prepared to present a burning permit, if asked, and if required under Arizona State Law.

Air Quality Links:
ADEQ Air Quality Division
Who Needs A Permit?
AZ Open Burn Permits Information
Open Burning Permit Application
Open burn permitting authorities
for our area this would be ADEQ-NRO
1801 West Route 66, Suite 117
Flagstaff, Az 86001
Telephone: 928-779-0313

And finally, and MOST IMPORTANTLY — High Country Fire-Rescue does NOT enforce air quality laws. HOWEVER, repeated calls concerning open burning for the same resident or area will result in our department contacting CCSO (Coconino County Sheriff’s Office).

We recommend you download our below “Firewise” checklist from our document center. Then use it to inspect your home, buildings and more on your property.