CPR & 1st Aid Classes

High Country Fire-Rescue is committed to providing our community with life-saving knowledge and skills. HCFR Instructors are ASHI (American Safety and Health Institute) certified and draw from a lifetime of skill and knowledge. Much of our staff are trained medical professionals. Our wealth of experience allows us to bring you real-life, hands on instruction while conveying proper medical theory and practice. Our instructors have “been there-done that”.

All CPR classes include instructions on the use of an automated external defibrillator (AED).

Note: Our courses may meet your needs for workplace requirements to have proof of continuing education. Contact us before attending a class to ensure the class meets your employment needs, and whether or not additional fees apply to such courses.

Additionally, we offer first aid and CPR classes for your group, both youth and adult. In some cases we can offer these courses at your home or another pre-arranged location. Feel free to contact us for fees and scheduling such classes.

Our department periodically offers joint training opportunities for volunteer staff conducted within our department, as well as at nearby departments or facilities. Again, contact us to inquire as to whether you may attend and about future offerings.

~ Community CPR (Subscribers of HCFR only)
Cost: Free
Course Time: 1 hour
Description: is available to anybody that requests it. HCFR Instructors utilize the Arizona Department of Health Services SHARE Program to instruct CCC-CCR (Continuous Chest Compression-Cardio Cerebral Resuscitation) a new form of simplified CPR. This new method means that you no longer have to memorize complicated procedures or give mouth-to-mouth breaths. This class is free to all who request it. IF YOU’VE EVER BEEN AFRAID OF DOING CPR, THIS IS THE CLASS FOR YOU. COURSE TIME: About 1 hour. This class does not provide a Course Completion Card and is usually not accepted by those workplaces that require CPR certification. [Learn more about this NEW public service here.]
Additional courses, based on described fees:

~ CPR for the Professional Rescuer (Subscribers of HCFR only)
Cost: Fee applies (please inquire as to cost)
Course Time: 8 hours
Description: This class is available at a reduced cost to citizens that reside in our community. Fee’s will vary depending on class size. This class provides a Course Completion Card that is good for two years and is accepted by most employers that require CPR certification. Please check with your employer before registering for this course to determine it meets their criteria.

~ Professional CPR and First Aid Instruction (Subscribers of HCFR only)
Cost: Fee applies (please inquire as to cost)
Course Time:
Description: Available for citizens that need this class.
Classes available depending on community need

~ CPR/First Aid (combined) (Subscribers of HCFR only)
Cost: Fee applies (please inquire as to cost)
Course Time:

~ Child And Babysitter Safety (CABS) (Subscribers of HCFR only)
Cost: Fee may apply (please inquire as to cost, if any)
Course Time: