Fire, Weather Links

Useful information can be found at the following websites:


1.  Fire Weather Zones in Arizona
Provided by NOAA (our zone is AZZ115)
Click the various zones for status, predictions and other weather/fire info, if any.

2.  Flagstaff area weather services
Shows warning locations on the map.  Can also click any location for current and upcoming forecast including Red Flag warning areas, and more.

3.  Arizona Emergency Information Network
Contains a number of links for the latest emergency bulletins, news, restrictions, and more.

4.  Az DOT Traffic – Statewide road conditions including closures and more information

5.  Red Cross
Open shelters are updated every 30 minutes if they are open in our area.  Other valuable information is also located on their site to assist during times of need.

6.  Red Cross, Safe and Well page
When unable to contact family of your status during a disaster, or if you’re missing someone in such circumstances, you can register names at this website.

7.  Kaibab National Forest, our immediate “neighbor” and other State and Federal Lands in Arizona
Click on any link within this pdf document for current information about each of the locations.

8.  Coconino County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue site:

9.  Travel Fire Weather, Current & Possible:
Are you planning a trip within our state or elsewhere in the nation? The National Weather Service has a website for you to explore your best route based on predicted or ongoing fire weather/warnings. At this time the website is experimental but certainly well worth checking before you begin your travel plans.

10  Our department Twitter feed
We post and retweet pertinent information related to fire, weather, and other safety related issues or incidents for our immediate area, regional and state.!/HCFR_dept


1.  Firewise Communities
Valuable resource for wildrie mitigation on your property and beyond.

2.  Ready: Prepare, Plan, Stay Informed –

3.  Get FREE Emergency Notification of breaking weather alerts, health, homeland and cyber information sent to your email and wireless device/s at the Emergency Email & Wireless Network.  Also view radar maps, airport closings/delays and more at this site.  Check out your home state, county to sign up for these alerts.