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Fire Information

Southwest Coordination Center is designed to provide general information on large wildland fires, fire restrictions and closures, and other relevant information to the general public for our Southwest region. The Center mobilizes resources for wildland fire, wildland fire use, prescribed fire, and other all-risk incidents. Current fire information, maps, alerts, and much more can be found at this website.

Seat Belt Use, “Click it or ticket”

Despite a decade of gains in daytime seat belt use, NHTSA data shows that nighttime belt use continues to be much lower, particularly among young drivers. New data released today shows 4,842 teen passenger vehicle occupants died in traffic crashes during 2006.
* At night, 68 percent of those killed weren’t wearing their seat belts.
* During the day, 57 percent of those killed weren’t wearing their seat belts.
Recently, a nationwide enforcement effort has been supported by a $7.5 million national advertising campaign focused on increasing nighttime seat belt use, primarily among teens.

Learn more about this and other traffic-related safety topics at http://www.nhtsa.gov/

Coconino County Health Services

Williams Office provides free immunization, supplemental nutrition program (WIC), and more.